Wellness & Anti-Aging

Body Re-compositioning

To us, cosmetic surgery only part of the process of – and the battle. It’s a journey of the whole body toward a better and healthier you, one we address by focusing on the entire patient, not just the patient’s visible exterior. To get a person where they really want to be, we’ve found it takes practice: a long-term plan to not only reshape the body but re-composition it as well.

Fad diets, whether they’re low carb or low fat or high protein, can be very successful at helping patients drop pounds during their initial phases. Unfortunately, these diets lead the patient into a metabolic dead-end where a plateau weight (a new state of equilibrium) is eventually established. That means, after a certain point, you’re not going to lose any further weight even if the strict diet conditions are followed. This is understandably frustrating, and people tend to go back to their old habits…and eventually their old weights, worse off than they were before dieting.  

So, as a part of our practice of wellness, we promote Body Balance RecompositioningTM, creating individualized plans designed to help patients healthfully reduce body fat and increase lean body mass (Muscle).  Our system relies not only on tracking actual body fat composition but also on changing resting metabolic rate, which should increase on a per pound basis if the patient is on the right track.  It’s a plan for continued success; doing this, the patient should be able to continue improving their body composition on a gradual basis.


Skin Care

We offer a range of SkinCeuticalsTM Skin Care products for the maintenance of skin health. In addition, most of our patients are started on a Retin-A regimen. This helps remove the tough, outer layer of the skin (the stratum corneum) to make the skin feel softer and smoother, increases the blood supply to the skin to give it a healthier glow, decreases pore size, and starts to reverse pre-malignant changes in sun-damaged areas. Finally, we offer a spectrum of Chemical Peels to help treat fine wrinkling and brown spots.


Volume Restoration

It’s a part of life: as we age, our faces lose volume – our cheeks flatten, lines appear under our eyes and around our mouths, lips wrinkle, and jowls form as the cheeks begin to droop. To help reverse these effects, we offer a full line of artificial fillers including RestylaneTM and JuvidermTM. These options are excellent for patients wanting temporary filling in of problem areas, and don’t take a whole lot of time to accomplish. On the other hand, micro-fat transfers are excellent for patients wanting the most natural appearance and a certain degree of permanence. This type of fat transfer procedure is slightly more involved, but it is still a simple office procedure.


Skin Cancer Surgery

We specialize not only in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers (and treat many patients with squamous cell, basal cell, and melanoma skin cancers), but also perform the reconstruction often needed after skin cancer excisions, especially on the eyes, ears, nose and lips.

In keeping with our philosophy of avoiding general anesthesia in older patients (in whom skin cancers are more prevalent) the vast majority of our skin cancer procedures are done using local anesthesia and/or iv sedation. In addition, the majority can be performed in-office or in our own surgery center, meaning most patients can avoid the inconvenience and expensive of a hospital trip.